The Painted Word (VINYL) - Television Personalities - 2017

Genre: Alternative, Indie, Rock
Release Date: 2017-07-14
Label: Fire Records
Quality: MP3 320kbps - AutoRip
Catalog ID: B071W8XXNP
Disc: 1
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The Painted Word (VINYL)

Television Personalities

1Stop and Smell the RosesTelevision Personalities
2The Painted WordTelevision Personalities
3A Life of Her OwnTelevision Personalities
4Bright Sunny SmilesTelevision Personalities
5Mentioned in DespatchesTelevision Personalities
6A Sense of BelongingTelevision Personalities
7Say You Won't CryTelevision Personalities
8Someone to Share My Life WithTelevision Personalities
9You'll Have to Scream LouderTelevision Personalities
10Happy All the TimeTelevision Personalities
11The Girl Who Had EverythingTelevision Personalities
12Paradise EstateTelevision Personalities
13Back to VietnamTelevision Personalities